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Fire District No. 7 is a combination department with 52 career employees and 50 volunteers.  These 102 dedicated people cover 72 square miles in and around the City of Ferndale, and serve the Cherry Point Industrial area of Whatcom County.  We currently have six fire stations utilizing 26 pieces of fire and EMS equipment. The district has career 24-hour staffing at four of these stations, supplemented by the dedicated volunteers who are assigned to all six stations. The Fire District provides fire suppression services, hazardous materials response as well as both Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support units.  The District provides one Paramedic unit to the Whatcom Medic One system.

In 2018 the district answered 4801 calls for service. The number of calls for service has been increasing steadily since the early 1990s. 

The district is involved heavily in the community and participates in several events in and around the City of Ferndale. Last year, more than 1800 hours of “volunteer” time was spent at community events raising awareness of not only fire and personal safety, but other community needs as well.

The men and women of the Fire District have been proudly serving the Ferndale community since 1957, with roots before the formation of the District going back to 1909.

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