Become a Firefighter/EMT


Is it your time to volunteer, or begin an exciting career?

For many years, volunteer firefighters did what had to be done to provide aid and fire services. Volunteers come from all parts of our community. They vary in age and lifestyles, they are both men and women.

Volunteering as a firefighter/EMT is a challenging, exciting and rewarding experience. The reason for wanting to become a volunteer firefighter varies: from the thrill; to a desire to give something back to our community; as a hobby; family tradition and more.

There is no difference in certification between career and volunteer responders. You can be fully trained and state certified at no expense to you. It may surprise the average citizen to learn that even those 16 to 20 years old can volunteer to become a member of the WCFD7 Fire Cadet program.

If you have a sense of civic pride, if you want to see and feel the immediate results of a job well done, if you have the heart and spirit to make your community a better place then consider volunteering with Whatcom County Fire District Seven.


Call us at 384-0303 for more information on how to take your first step. The next fire academy begins very soon!


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