Multi-Company Operations (M.C.O.) Tenders


Our unique and beautiful region presents many challenges for fire prevention and extinguishment. One such challenge is the need for thousands of gallons of water when hydrants are absent or malfunctioning. The solution is the use of TENDERS, large water supply vehicles that can deliver 2500 to 3000 gallons of water to a working fire ground. Several nights ago Ferndale residents had an opportunity to witness the skills of the North Whatcom Tender group with two North Whatcom fire engines training firefighters and tender support crews from Ferndale at the Ferndale Event Center. The North Whatcom Tender group responds throughout Whatcom County with it’s growing convoy of fire tenders from multiple local fire departments, including two from Ferndale.

One fire engine with one portable water tank filled by two tenders.

Specially designed portable drop tanks that can hold up to 3500 gallons each allow for uninterrupted water supply to working fire engines. The drop tanks can be used as a single or combined with multiple tanks to increase water storage capacity. Meanwhile, the team of fire tenders creates a continuous transport of water from the closest hydrant(s) to the dump tank(s). New tenders can dump 3000 gallons of water in four minutes or less. Many tenders also have the ability to pump just like a fire engine.

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