Introducing Water Tender 43

1982 Ford Tender

2019 Whatcom County Fire District No. 7 Bond Issue Information Prop-3.

Over the next few weeks, we will provide information about the requested funds and what they will accomplish.

These weeks feature is Tender 43. This water tender is located at fire station 43 in the North Bellingham neighborhood. It is the first response tender to the residential area(s) where there is not adequate fire suppression water available. This tender is assigned secondary responses to all areas of the Fire District.

Tender 43 was purchased new in 1982 and is currently 37 years old. The typical life expectancy of water tenders is 25 years. The Fire District has typically relied on a 30-year replacement for these tenders. The District currently has only one other water tender in the fleet.

This vehicle should have been considered for replacement by a new tender nearly 10 years ago. This tender needs to be replaced. It has served the community for many years. The tender has a leaking steel water tank (rust) and the pump is not adequate to keep up with current industry standards.

Replacement of this tender will bring many advantages to firefighting efforts and the community in general. Increased water supply capability, increased safety to personnel and by replacing this aging vehicle, it will also help with your current fire insurance ratings.

When the project is complete, it should serve our community for another 25 years. The cost of this project is estimated at $375,000.

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