Introducing Engine 45


2019 Whatcom County Fire District No. 7 Bond Issue Information Prop-3.

Over the next few weeks, we will provide information about the requested funds and what they will accomplish.

This weeks feature is Engine 45. This fire engine was purchased in in 1990. It is currently 29 years old and is past its life expectancy by 4 years. This engine serves the N.E. corner of the District coming from the station at Enterprise and Grandview Roads. E45 is a first due engine to structure fires and medical emergencies. The vehicle is a “half cab” type that exposes firefighters in the back two seats to the elements and high amounts of engine noise.

This engine is not eligible to be “refurbished” like the previous pumpers featured and must be upgraded or “replaced” with a vehicle that meets the current standards. All firefighter are now required to be seated in enclosed cabs.

When this project is completed, the upgrade engine will serve the community for another 25 years. The cost to upgrade this unit is estimated at $575,000.

Please visit our website at for more detailed information and to see other projects that are included in this bond request.

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