Whatcom County Community Paramedic Program

Whatcom County Fire District 7 is proud to announce the implementation of its first Community Paramedic.  This innovative, community-needs focused position comes in partnership with Whatcom County, Bellingham Fire Department, and other local agencies.
The mission of the Community Paramedic is to better understand individual patients and connect them with proper resources, both short and long-term.  By doing so, the Community Paramedic aims to improve patient health outcome and quality of life.  The Community Paramedic will specifically focus on:
  • Frequent 911 users, particularly those experiencing ineffective results
  • At-risk populations
  • Medically-underserved patients
  • Patients requiring assistance from multiple agencies or providers
This service is provided at no additional cost and is funded by the Medic One levy.  Stay tuned for further details in upcoming months, including a comprehensive webpage.



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